Saturday, October 12, 2013

Coming Soon - "The Red Menace" - A New Short Film From Edwin J. Hill Productions.

My film making collective Edwin J. Hill Productions took part in the Mid-Ohio Filmmaker's Association's annual Three Days Of Terror short film competition this weekend (technically we're still taking part, as the turn in deadline is tomorrow at 7pm). The goal is to create a 5 to 10 minute horror themed short film in three days or less, Friday to Sunday, with randomly selected requirements to ensure that all work takes place within the time frame.

You can see our previous work for the similar 48 Hour Film Festival (2012 and 2013) HERE.

Our entry this year is an insane movie that I can't describe and don't want to spoil, except with the new poster, which you can see below. The film itself will be released on this blog sometime after the Oct. 27th festival premiere at Studio 35 (if you're in the Columbus OH area, you may want to save the date).

Check This Shit Out:

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