Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stop Or My Mom Will Podcast, Episode Two Now Available!

Check out Episode Two of my brand new show, Stop Or My Mom Will Podcast!

Episode Two: Churchcast - Misogyny, Mormons, and M.I.L.P.s

Download directly HERE

Or stream below.

This episode includes. 

-A lengthy discussion of Ben's Asshole Of The Week, Writer and Director of the new rape apology film Temptation, which leads into an even lengthier discussion of religion, gender, and cults.

-A review of the first episode of the new series Bates Motel, and how incredibly lackluster and untrue to the original source material it is.

-An update on last week's discussion of Mormon Blood Atonement and some particularly white Native Americans.

-A Cryptid Of The Week lamely phoned in as an excuse for an anal probing joke.

-Two Horrible Hypotheticals for the price of one, exploring the responsiblity of artists for the people they inspire, and whether its okay to feel bad if an alien abductor is just not that into you.

All that and more in episode two!

And in case you missed it. Episode One (Jodiecast: Black Ninjas, Black Ops, and Black Eyed Children) can be downloaded HERE, or stream below.

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