Monday, April 1, 2013

Listen To My Brand New Podcast Pilot Right Now! - Stop Or My Mom Will Podcast, Episode 1

Click the embedded player below to listen to the rough pilot of a brand new podcast called Stop Or My Mom Will Podcast, where my mother and I argue about conspiracy theories, cryptozoology, and anything else that we can't agree about.

Episode One: Jodiecast = Black Ninjas, Black Ops, and Black Eyed Children

Download the episode HERE 

or stream below

This episode includes:

-A lengthy discussion of the Jodie Arias trial and the terrible true story behind the nefarious Black Ninjas.

-A Death Penalty debate that thoroughly settles the issue for all time.

-A review back and forth of the new "Die Hard in the Whitehouse" film Olympus Has Fallen that brainwashes you into thinking....something I guess. Mostly it's just awesome.

-A Skolnik Family Story of trauma and wacky misunderstandings at an ice rink that demands the instillation of unisex bathrooms.

-A look at Ben's Cryptid of the Week, the mysterious Black Eyed Children, and whether its still a bad thing to molest them.

-Horrible Hypothetical, what would you do in the wake of demon kid auto occupation?
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