Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Flashback: Yule Tide Glee Edition!

Now that the world hasn't ended, why not kick back and celebrate the fact that you actually get to celebrate the rest of this holiday season with a look back at some awesome Christmas related articles you may have missed! -

First, a look at how Fred Claus is the most insane and horrific Christmas move ever - Twilight of the Immortals (Hint: It involves the Catholic Church, Highlanders, and Elf Fucking)

Then, not one, but two sets of pitches for holiday themed movies, including a Jewish Vampire Hunter romp just in time for Hanukkah, and a super team led by Sexy Misses Claus and The Krampus to save the annually endangered holiday,

Plus a few toys you might want to look into buying this Christmas (except they don't actually exist)

Also, five, count 'em five Christmas related movie reviews, including the Silent Night, Deadly Night remake, The Christmas Story sequel, a jolly twist on the Mayan Apocalypse, a superhero elf movie, and Rise of the Guardians.

Enjoy, and happy whatever you happen to celebrate everyone. Or if you love Fox News, Merry Christmas, and nothing else.

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