Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pimping Myself Out: Yes Virginia, I Do Have a Weekly Podcast!

First things first - Shameless Self-Promotion! In case you haven't heard the news from one of our many, many fans, I happen to be a member of a very successful independent podcast. It's called the Dirty Sons of Pitches, and you can find the link below and to the side on the blogroll. The main thrust of the weekly cast, much like my penis, is movie reviews and discussion, but with a twist (also much like my penis) in that each week we also try to come up with some new ideas for movies, TV shows, and so on, based on a common theme that changes from show to show. The most recent show for instance had us trying to come with a unique twist on the Found Footage genre, and the week before that we dedicated an episode to the recent releases of Looper and Dredd by pitching our best Sci-Fi Crime Thrillers (while hating on Looper something fierce in the process). It's a lot of fun, and incredibly vulgar, so if you're into that sort of thing, be sure to check it out. You can search for it on Itunes as well!

Oh, and if you go to the site, you'll also notice a little side project called Directors Cut. It's an unnumbered and much shorter podcast special series we're currently experimenting with wherein we analyze the complete work of some of our favorite directors (and sometimes our least favorite when it suits us). Also a good listen in my opinion, but be warned: it is often much more stayed and analytical than our regular show, and usually only about half as long.

Either way, enjoy. I command you!
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