Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Edwin J Hill Productions Presents: Bacon And Eggs.

So, I took a weekend off a while back because my friends and I were filming a short film, and now its out. Check it out above, or check this link HERE if that stream doesn't work. It's called Bacon And Eggs, and it was produced for the Mid-Ohio Filmmakers' Association 3 Days Of Comedy Chaos event. Basically, you get three days, from Thursday Night to Sunday Night, to write, shoot, and otherwise completely produce a 5-10 minute short film with various elements that must be included to ensure nobody starts working ahead of time. This year out of eleven teams eligible, our group won Best Screenplay, Best Director, and all around Best Film. Our prop was a rubber chicken, our first shot had to be a container of liquid, and the genre is Buddy Cop Movie. Enjoy!

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