Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Dirty Sons Of Pitches - Director's Cut: James Cameron + A Bonus (Sort Of) Commentary for CONGO!

Yo everyone, check out the latest episodes of my podcast, The Dirty Sons Of Pitches. This week we come back to our spin-off series Director's Cut, focusing on the career and works of James Cameron. We debate which Terminator is best, whether anyone in the world actually likes the story of Avatar, and all come to the undeniable conclusion of what the man should take up next, after the next three Avatar sequels...and Battle Angel...and maybe Schwarzenegger's Spiderman...


Also, a bonus 40 minute mini commentary of the 1994 film Congo, before Netflix crapped out on us. Just watch the movie and stop it at the logical place, right before they get to that boring jungle. We talk talking monkeys, Shaq Fu, and then abruptly cut off, all for your enjoyment.


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