Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Some More Stuff I Did! Sketch Comedy I Wrote That You Can See Now With Your Faces

In a few weeks, I'll be able to debut the latest short film I co-wrote and produced with my amateur production company Edwin J. Hill Productions. It's called The Red Menace, and the only hold up is awaiting the festival premiere to pass. Anyway, all this preparation for that reminded me that I never posted the sketches I wrote that represented some of my first (semi) professional work before all this movie making started. Not sure why I never showcased these, but here they are now, on Youtube for your viewing pleasure:

This first one is called Profit Motive.

This one is called Spy Games

This one is called Boogeyman

This one is called Philadelphia Story

This one is called Bigfoot

And finally, this one is called Gay Frankenstein 

These were all done for a show called Livestock, which went for a few weeks before we realized that the people who owned the theater we were renting were a front for a creepy ass cult (Long Story). Anyway, we had a bunch of unused sketches and ideas lying around after this engagement fell through, and my co-writer Nate and I have since decided to put them together with some new content and make an independent sketch comedy movie, tentatively titled Future Bang. So, stay tuned for that I guess. And enjoy the clips above. Or go fuck yourself, what do I care?

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