Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Random Observations About Life, Television, Politics, and 80's Movies Starring C. Thomas Howell

Nothing much to post today, except for a few random observations:

1: Two TV shows I predicted we're just too stupidly entertaining to survive cancellation have in fact proven to be hits and have already received second season commitments. Both Sleepy Hollow and The Blacklist will be given enough time to prove whether or not their ridiculous concepts are sustainable in the long term. Also Marvel's underwhelming superhero thing is apparently doing okay too.

2: We're in Day fuck all of the government shutdown, and I'm beginning to wonder at what point the willful disregard for constitutional order and wanton threat of world economic collapse constitutes actual treason in the legal sense. The best historical parallel I can see for a small band of reckless politicians trying to destroy the government and the country from within so baldly was the secession of the Confederacy, and I'm pretty sure that didn't end well for those guys.

3: Posts might continue to be light this week, as I and my fellow members of the film making collective Edwin J. Hill Productions will be participating in another short film competition, this one a horror themed 3-day event called Three Days Of Terror. Stay tuned for the fruits of our labor.

4: And finally, could someone do a little research and tell me if colleges are allowed to exclude people on the basis of race, or provide scholarships only to members of a specific race? I'm not trying to be controversial, I'm just beginning to wonder if the plot to Soul Man might just be a little bit contrived.
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