Thursday, October 31, 2013

Edwin J. Hill Productions Presents: The Red Menace!

Hey everybody, a quick Awesomeness update for you. The short film my production company made for this year's MOFA 3 Days OF Terror Competition is now available online. The genre we got was Period Horror, so, a horror movie set in a time period other than the present (we chose the 1950s). The required elements were an opening shot of a light source or feet (we chose the former), one or more of the weapons found in the board game Clue (we used all but the wrench), and a scream sound effect we added at about the half way mark. You can watch it HERE, because for some reason I can't embed at the moment.

MORE IMPORTANTLY! Go to the link below to download the full two and a half minute version of the film's theme song, the title of which I cannot say because it would spoil a key plot point of the film, and because its just that amazing. Enjoy


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