Thursday, August 29, 2013

Post-48 Hour Film Festival Best Of Screening - We Won Ourselves Some Shit!

Hey everybody.

Just a quick missive before I go to bed. Just got back from the 48 Hour Film Festival Best Of Screening, where the best 14 out of some 30 some odd short films made in two days were screened and given a series of awards. The film I helped make, called Cordless, got in, and got a few awards including Best Use Of Prop (an Extension Cord/Dennis Cord). It was a fun night, and I have to congratulate all the people who took part, got selected, got awarded, and so on, including the production team Post House who made my personal favorite A Moving Tale, and took home Best Picture.

Anyway, here's a little logic puzzle for you. Check out the link below, another film in the Best Of Screening called Able. Make sure to stay till the end for a wonderful and heartwarming musical number.

Now watch this link, another film that screened, in the Musical Category no less, called Larry's Morning.

Pretty fucking good right? Now watch our movie. Cordless, and pay special attention to the ending credits.

Yeah, there's that, whatever the fuck that is...But here's the twist. Guess which one of these won Best Song. Seriously, guess. The answer may surprise you. Personally, I shit my pants.

Goodnight everybody.

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