Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Quick Production Note...

It was brought to my attention that the link to episode #22 of my podcast was not functioning in the streampad playlist below. This has now been fixed and I encourage everyone who has been listening to check it out, as it is one of my favorites, and it marks the beginning of what now has become a running gag about John Hamm's penis that I refuse to retire, no matter what my co-host Nate has to say about it. 

Also, I just finished recording the second episode of my second podcast, Stop Or My Mom Will Podcast, and am currently in the editing process with an eye for tomorrow evening or Tuesday morning to post, so if you enjoyed the first one, be sure to check it out.

And stay tuned for possibly a third show featuring my good friend and occasional podcast guest star Drew Brigner focusing on our mutual love of all things table top roleplaying coming as soon as we can agree on a format.

Anyway, thanks for listening.
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