Friday, January 18, 2013

The Dirty Sons Of Pitches is BACK! Double Episodes #33 and #34 are available!

Just a reminder for anyone who hasn't caught it yet, I have an awesome podcast called The Dirty Sons Of Pitches where my friends and I talk about movies, play a series of movie related games, and pitch our own ideas for the kinds of movies we would make, which mostly serve to explain why no one lets us write movies. The first two episodes of the new year are up. We went extra long this time so we had to split up our first show back into a two-parter wherein we discuss the recent announcement of Oscar nominations, the rules of our patented Netflix Streaming Steaming Challenge, reverse gravity turkeys, Nazisploitation films, and of course, Dame Maggie Smith's epic love affair with Big Black Cock. 

CLICK HERE for Part One

CLICK HERE for Part Two

CLICK HERE for the main site

Enjoy America.

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