Sunday, December 9, 2012

From The Idea Hole - Freaky Romance Edition, Part Two: Gigantic and Bride's Head Revisited

Happy late/early Valentine's Day again! In Part One, I talked about my idea for a romantic fantasy movie involving memory hopping manic pixie girls and meme eating lizard men, and because it took me longer than I thought it would to explain that convoluted premise, I decided it would be best to give my other two convoluted premises room to breathe in their own post. First up, a fairy tale update of Romeo and Juliet set amid a cold war between humans and giants -

1: Gigantic

The first idea has since been cannibalized into a subplot in the show bible of a pilot I wrote recently called Huntsmen. It takes place on Earth in the present day, several hundred years after the events of Jack and the Beanstalk, which nearly sparked a war between an army of cloud dwelling giant monsters and a humanity ill-equipped to defeat them. The war was only averted by an elite group of human Giantslayers specializing in subterfuge who convinced the Giant Nation of humanity's secret military superiority (inspired by the Grimm Fairytale the Brave Little Tailor), but not before a large swath of North America was rendered a barren wasteland considered a demilitarized zone, filled with hideous mutants born of nuclear fallout.

The Giantslayers must keep up the charade that they can defend themselves against the giants long enough to devise an actual defense, which they research via a techno-magical art form called Legumina, the cultivation of magic beans into various forms of weapons and armor, and hopefully one day, giant mech robots grown on the vine. The story follows a newly recruited soldier in the Giant Slayer core who falls in love with a giant girl inside the demilitarized zone, threatening to destroy the fragile peace and turn a cold war humanity can't yet win into a full scale invasion. Meanwhile, an army of mutants gathers in the barren lands seeking revenge against both sides for their horrible existence.

2: Bride's Head Revisited

A romantic fable partially inspired by an Edgar Allen Poe story called "A Predicament" about a woman whose head is severed by the hands of a giant clock face, much to her increasing annoyance. Actually, technically it was inspired by a comic book idea I had based on said story, about a scythe wielding member of a superhero team inspired by Poe's story. It's set in an idyllic turn of the century village invaded by an implicitly supernatural carnival populated by various freaks and monsters. We follow a young girl who meets a juggler at the carnival, falls instantly in love, and then finds her head inexplicably falling off of her neck.

After putting it back on, she asks her mother about what happened, and learns that she is afflicted by a curse that effects all the women in their family, causing their heads to come loose in the presence of the person they love. As a result the family has often encouraged their women to engage in loveless marriages to avoid the embarrassment of losing their heads. She refuses of course, and seeks out this man, not realizing that he is the son of the world's greatest juggler, who has consistently failed to live up to his legacy, leading his unscrupulous carnie clan to exploit the relationship between the two in the hopes of creating the ultimate juggling act - a husband tossing about the singing disembodied head of his own wife!

So that's it, two more romantic stories just in time for several months before Valentine's Day. Next up, I don't know, Arbor Day? Killer Trees? Actually, now that I think about it, that is a part of the next one of these...

Oh, and by the way, just for me, do a Google Image Search of "Headless Girl." Seriously.

Damn you Rule 34!

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