Monday, October 29, 2012

Oh, By The Way, I Did A Thing: "7 Minutes Or Less"

Almost forgot about this. In case you were wondering how I can justify shitting all over other movies all the time (okay, really just the one really bad one so far), here's my own brief foray into cinematic greatness, a short film I helped co-write and co-starred in called "7 Minutes Or Less". I'm the dirty hobo lookin' motherfucker towards the middle. It was made for a regional short film competition called the 48 Hour Film Project where teams are given a genre and several elements to include and have to complete a 7 minute short film (minus credits) over a weekend, from conception to finished product. Our genre was Road Movie, and our elements were a Pizza Box, a character named Edward Bulmer who is a tourist, and the line "I have good news and bad news."

Here's the link if the embed doesn't work: 7 Minutes Or Less - 48 Hour Film Project, Columbus

And for a Weekend Recap, in case you missed 'em, three new movie reviews are up this week:

Alex Cross


Cloud Atlas

Enjoy, everybody.
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